Every team needs strong and independent allies, that help them to succeed in their endeavour. At Q-nnect we are happy that our experienced supervisory board members are here to support us, to give valuable feedback and guidelines.
Our supervisory board is committed to the core values of Q-nnect and adds different points of view from various business areas. The aim of supervisory board and team is to manage the affairs of Q-nnect consistently and with the highest principles of business ethics.

Q-nnect has 5 supervisory board members:

  • Bernd Spindler
  • Felix Warak
  • Olaf Mackert
  • Norbert Jorek
  • Rudolf König

Bernd Spindler

Bernd Spindler

  • Chairman of Supervisory Board
Norbert Jorek

Norbert Jorek

  • Member of the Supervisory Board