A good team must not only function, but also be fun. That is why the Q-nnect team currently consists of 24 young and committed members who do not take themselves too seriously. Our open atmosphere allows each employee to develop individually in his or her working method. In addition, each team member is given the opportunity to bring and integrate their own goals and ideas into our company. This not only has a positive effect on the diversity of our products, but also ensures a secure framework within which we can freely develop our creativity as a team. Read how our colleagues describe each other:

Mauritius Bianchi

  • Enablement, Solution Mgmt & Delivery
  • Loves to make long trips with his bike.
  • He can do anything – except cooking

Bünyamin Eskiocak

  • Development
  • Secretly divides by zero.
  • Professional Nerf gun shooter.

Matthias Progscha

  • Founder & CEO
  • Backbone of Q-nnect.
  • He can do everything, even standard German.

Benedikt Herrmann

  • Board Member, Solution Mgmt & Delivery
  • He knows every SAP abbreviation!
  • Clicks faster than his shadow.

Salim Melliti

  • Development
  • Master of our wallet development.
  • He looks incredibly good, even with sunglasses.

Juan Manuel Osorio Gerdts

  • Development
  • Highly creative programming skill.
  • Maintains a shifted biorhythm.

Julia Schäufele

  • Development
  • Our math genius makes statistics look extremely easy.
  • A local university legend

Andreas Schlender

  • Development
  • Loses himself in detail.
  • Likes hiking on the top of the world.

Nenad Schobar

  • Chief Development Officer
  • The backend is his world.
  • Fixes everything, even retro game consoles.

Kevin Stölp

  • Development
  • First trainee of Q-nnect.
  • Built a part of CRM during his internship already (Pretty epic!)

Gabriel Wetzel

  • Infrastructure, Solution Mgmt & Delivery
  • Head of humour resources.
  • Calm in hectic situations.

Felix Naschwitz

  • Sales
  • Our Mittelstand Guy
  • Franke-4-Life
  • Always in a good mood


Pricilla Weixler

  • Innovator Business Development
  • Networking is her hobby.
  • Potential scout.

Jacob Tscherwitschke

  • Development
  • Nenad Schobar 2.0
  • Hughe fan of Tomahawk steaks

Maximilian Hess

  • Customer Prototyping
  • If there are bugs, he will find them
  • Focuses on business 100%

Jonas Albrecht

  • Development
  • No food, no code
  • He loves to in-line skate

Simon Becker

  • Sales
  • Sales agent top prospect
  • Loves the Mittelstand

Matthias Greiner

  • Development
  • Our cloud master
  • He lives in the German version of the Shire (Odenwald)

Juliane Koch

  • Marketing
  • Our marketing brain
  • Communication is her skill

Thomas Baur

  • Executive Director Q-nnect International SA
  • Sales master mind
  • Germany born, Switzerland in his heart

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