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We Enable Composable Enterprise

It's not just about digital transformation, but also about how agile a company can adapt to the rapid pace of business change ...

Connect To Anything

With Platform Q!s Connectivity Workbench, it has never been easier to establish and manage secure connections to source systems.

Our uniquely innovative integration approach enables applications to connect seamlessly, enabling direct communication without the need for manual IT integration services.

Leverage Your Data

Platform Q! can be operated on any infrastructure.

With little to no programming, anyone can securely convert, manipulate, and transform data.

You can also create enterprise-wide business objects to take your business logic to the next level.

Automate Your Business

With our powerful graphical user interface, you can automate workflows and processes in a coherent, reusable, and shareable way. For the migration of data and systems, Q-nnect uses the existing application intelligence – tedious, often incomplete manual adjustments are eliminated.

Q! Marketplace

With direct integration of third-party applications and ready-to-use business components available on Q! Marketplace, you can easily integrate your business and get started.

All marketplace applications are integrated data-wise and can be subscribed to. An own, protected portfolio can be created as well.

Onboarding is quick and easy – This is how it works

Any disruptive approach is initially met with disbelief. That's why we don't just place marketing messages, but make a value proposition - guaranteed.

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