"Q! enables consultants to position their solutions quickly at the customers system landscape. The effort to build new APIs is reduced dramatically, due to the smart connectors. My access to the required data points helps me to provide first solutions in days to the management. In total, Platform Q! accelerates time-to-action and ensures clear results with data, that comes directly from ERPs or data warehouses."

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Tómas Cámara

Business Owner at Tsunuun Consulting GmbH

"Q!’s technology supports us in driving innovation and developing new services to increase client benefits within the supply and value chain.”

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Alexander Böhm

Partner at io-consultants GmbH & Co. KG

„Die Möglichkeiten der Plattform sind vielfältig. Aber das wichtigste ist, die Zusammenarbeit lebt vom Einsatz und Vertrauen aller Beteiligten, Danke Euch dafür“

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Kai-Olaf Dammenhain

Managing Director Techedge

"Q! liberates legacy batched ERP data and processes. Q! is the workbench for low code modelling to create, test and scale new digital business models."

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Jan Roschek

SVP GreenCom Networks

"The Q! integration platform solves the problem of data and IT system fragmentation, making interoperability possible for every app."

Florian Schulze

Independent Digital Advisor