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World of Q! A strong ecosystem

Welcome to a vibrant and diverse community of digital innovators. We love pushing boundaries and thinking differently. We welcome the brave or even crazy who want to make a difference.

World of Q! members come from Q-nnect's customer base of digitization experts, industry and technology leaders, developers, and long-time supporters who have discovered how well Q! supports their ambitions.

What we care about?! Openness, trust, quality, and reliability!

Values of our Community

  • We create a space that unleashes creativity
  • We enable everyone to break new ground in their business environment
  • We focus on developing solutions that are reusable and sustainable, and we avoid wasting resources of any kind

Why should you become part of the World of Q!

  • Because you love to create
  • Because you want to innovate with like-minded people
  • Because you recognize the disruptive potential for business in the Q! Marketplace just as Netflix did for the movie industry
  • Because you believe in improvement through collaboration

Shake up the market with us and create disruptive solutions. Because to become a market leader, you have to break new ground!

Multiply your consulting revenue

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and expand your range of services. High speed and flexibility make you the driving force for growth and innovation with your customers and open up new revenue sources for you. Gain more time to fulfill your customers' wishes - as a consultant in the World of Q!

Knowledge is becoming an increasingly important resource in the data-driven age. Use Platform Q! to clearly differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain significant speed and flexibility in your project. The Q! Marketplace enables you to pack your process and industry know-how into content packages. Simple reusability and adaptability in the customer project improve your margin.

In addition, you can sell your service several times via the Q! Marketplace without being on-site yourself. By producing knowledge in content packages, consulting services can be offered at a lower price. As a consultant, you can open up new sources of revenue for yourself and your company and spend more time on other customer needs.


  • Significantly faster than the competition
  • Secure packaging of your own knowledge and marketing via Q! Marketplace
  • Easier to win new customers
  • Effective work without annoying interface barriers
  • Slightly expand your own portfolio of products and services

Sell what everyone needs

Stay one step ahead of the competition. Platform Q! enables rapid prototyping and shorter sales cycles. Help departments become more agile and digital officers build new business models. As a Q-nnect sales partner, you can increase your reach and revenues with Platform Q!

Become an Agent for Platform Q!
As a growth partner of Q-nnect you achieve sales with Platform Q! applications, partner products "powered by Q!", as well as Business Content packages. This unique combination of Plug&Play Services makes your customers more agile, as they can implement necessary adjustments in reporting and business processes more efficiently and quickly.

In addition, you enable digital officers to build prototypes for new business models and to manage semantic objects and business services on a modern platform. You support the IT in their efforts to establish a central governance in the age of digitization. Learn more about the benefits and find out more here.


  • "Wow Effect" in sales presentations
  • You get to your appointment with Digital Officers faster
  • Potential customers from central IT as well as from the specialist area
  • Faster to completion with fast prototypes
  • Attractive multi-year revenue share

Develop without limits

As a developer, you can act in several markets by offering your solutions across all technologies - naturally also on all leading cloud stacks.

Platform Q!™ combines flexibility and innovation for you, your products, and above all for your customers. Become a part of the World of Q! and shape the future of digitization today.

In the world of Q!, you can act as a developer in multiple markets.
Use your capabilities on Platform Q! to offer your apps not only on other platforms, but also in clouds. Your apps remain 100% compatible and barrier-free at the same time.

The versatility of Platform Q! allows you to equip your software solution with additional web services and thus individually satisfy customer needs.

Drive innovation and learn more about the development environment of Platform Q!


  • Save time with the universal connector from Q!
  • Business Logic Concentration
  • Less Coding
  • Graphical UI of standard applications
  • Immediate provision of remaining interfaces
  • Decoupling of proprietary data formats

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